Henrique + Letícia-Plus Download and Install

Download and Installation Instructions

The software download on this page is an installer for SAPI-5 Microsoft Windows, but it can also be used by our NVDA Add-On

By downloading and using this software, you are agreeing to the conditions, and know about your privacy. Please read about these below.

The installer has a code signing certificate in the name of Non-Routine LLC. However, Windows Defender will still disable the "run" button until you click on "more info" and check that the download comes from Non-Routine LCC

If you use the Edge browser, you may have to go into the downloads section of the browser and click to say that you trust the download site. Please, let Edge know that RHVoice.com is a site to be trusted

Once you run the installer, you will be asked to register on our website and verify your email address. Once installation is complete, switch your screen-reader to SAPI-$ and Henrique.

The license we grant you is only for personal use with screen-reader software.
This voice may be used for free until we find a sponsor or until we ask for a small fee.
Henrique e Letícia-Plus, Version 4.4.1019 e 4,0.1019, Published: 2023-03-23

Terms of Use

By using the software available from the download link on this page, you agree to the following conditions; This software is for personal, non-commercial use involving screen-reading software or other real-time audio player. You accept that although Non-Routine LLC will do its utmost to support this software, there is no warranty and you hold Non-Routine LLC harmless for any liability.

Our Privacy Policy

The following information applies to RHVoice.com's set of speech synthesizer for Microsoft Windows, operated by Non-Routine LLC of Califonia.

Speech synthesis is performed locally, on the user's device, without transferring any part of the text or the generated speech to a remote server.

Our Apps communicate with our internet servers. They do this in order to obtain new data and licenses for voices, and to send details about what voices are installed, and any technical problems. No synthesized text or audio is sent from the Apps.

If you provide Non-Routine with your e-mail address, it will be stored and used in confidence by Non-Routine for customer support. This will be used to identify you with the apps you use.

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